FA Employees Required to use DUO for VPN Access

Effective August 1, 2017, Financial Affairs (FA) employees that utilize the FA virtual private network (VPN) will now be required to use DUO two-factor authentication to connect to the FA VPN. By requiring DUO for VPN access, the University can better secure individual myBama user accounts as well as the entire UA network.

How will DUO work with the FA VPN?

  • After the August 1, 2017 requirement date, when a user attempts to connect to the FA VPN, they will receive a prompt for username, password and second password. The second password field is the DUO prompt. You may enter the word “push” to receive a push notification to your smart phone, or you may enter a passcode that you receive from the DUO app, via SMS, or through OIT’s self-service page. More information on this can be found at https://oit.ua.edu/service/vpn/.
  • When a user activates DUO, it will be applied to all DUO-enabled systems. This means DUO will be activated not only for VPN access, but also for the user’s myBama access.

How can I set up my DUO account?

  • FA employees utilizing VPN will be required to activate their DUO account online at www.duo.ua.edu. If an FA employee does not have a smart phone or prefers not to download the DUO app, employees can utilize a landline phone to activate DUO.  Find more information and step-by-step tutorials at  https://oit.ua.edu/service/duo/.
  • By activating DUO two-factor authentication, FA employees can protect their myBama credentials, ensuring that no one else can access the account, even if the password has been compromised.

To activate your DUO account, visit www.duo.ua.edu. Users should follow the screen prompts and download the DUO Mobile App on their smartphone to setup a DUO account. For more information, including a complete tutorial and frequently asked questions, please visit www.oit.ua.edu/duo.

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