Employee Notice

Financial Affairs may allow employees, upon review and approval, the ability to sync personal electronic devices with University systems (email, calendar, etc.). It is the employee’s responsibility to become familiar with the University’s Electronic Media Policy and to utilize University resources consistent with this and other University policies. Employees should also be aware that work performed outside of regularly scheduled hours, including work conducted through smartphones or other electronic devices, should be approved in advance by their supervisors.

Supervisor’s Message

Federal law requires non-exempt employees to be paid for all hours worked. This paid work may
include employee time spent outside of normally scheduled hours responding to work-related e-mails and performing other job-related tasks. Under the law it is ultimately management’s responsibility to ensure that work performed is appropriately compensated. Supervisors should set clear expectations regarding work performed outside of normally scheduled hours. If work is performed, with or without supervisor approval, in most situations this work is compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Questions regarding specific scenarios or problems related to this should be directed to the appropriate HR Partner.


ActiveSync Request for Non-Exempt Employee Form