What is a Facility Condition Assessment Program?

As a way to better understand the physical campus, The University of Alabama established the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCA Program) in 2016. The FCA Program serves as a link between all campus partners relative to the needs of their facility assets. By collecting and maintaining asset and asset condition data, the FCA Program will make reinvestment recommendations for development planning based on identified needs. All data is stored and maintained through the AIM Planning and Needs Analysis Module.

The FCA Program has designed scalable custom reporting tools that can be used to guide a specific user group’s decision-making.  Bench-marking from year to year using the Facility Condition Index and the Facility Condition Needs Index provides a snapshot of the impact that capital investment and renewal is having on the physical campus.

Strategic goals of the FCA Program include working across departments to maximize the efficiency of the collected data. The platform of the FCA Program will result in improved business intelligence across the campus community.